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Calm your anxiety...


And find authentic happiness.

Anxiety Counseling
Face-to-Face in Fort Worth and Online in Texas

You just want to be happy, but your mind won't seem to stop. Anxiety keeps filling your mind with endless To Do Lists, worries, "what if's," and terrifying worst-case scenarios. At times, anxiety may even totally take over your body out of nowhere. Suddenly, you have the urge to run even though nothing dangerous is happening. You try to control it, sometimes in ways that don't seem to make any sense. But nothing seems to work in the long run. You're tired of feeling out of control. You wish you could just relax and feel normal. You'd like to be present and actually experience life instead of just getting through it.


What if you didn't have to keep working so hard to "manage" anxiety? What if you could have lasting peace of mind? What if you could even experience deep, genuine happiness as your most authentic self? I believe these things are possible.


I'm a counselor specializing in alleviating anxiety, including stress, panic attacks, mild to moderate OCD, phobias, and trauma. My client focus is women and members of the LGBTQ community. My master's is in psychology from Columbia University, and my PhD is in counseling from Texas Tech. I'm an expert in helping you chart your path to peace of mind. I will teach you mindfulness tools to calm the mind in the present, while also clearing the roots of anxiety using cutting-edge EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and IFS therapy (internal family systems) to rewire the brain. We don't just manage symptoms, together we find the deeper cause. Experience deep, transfomative healing. Find true peace and meaning as the authentic person you were always meant to be. Get started today on your path toward genuine, lasting happiness.

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I specialize in individual counseling for women and members of the LGBTQ community struggling with anxiety who want deep, lasting peace of mind. My ideal client is someone who is not looking for a band-aid, but rather looking to get to the roots of anxiety and find a path for authentic happiness. I do not specialize in working with children, couples, families, depression, addiction, or personality disorders. I help people find greater happiness, peace of mind, and freedom from stress and anxiety related to things like:​

Dr. Kathryn Soule, PhD, LPC

Anxiety Specialist

Choose In-Person or Online Sessions

Anxiety counseling sessions are now offered both online or in-person at my cozy office in Fort Worth near TCU. Each session, choose the option that works for you. Online therapy works just like in-person therapy, but from the safety and comfort of your home. You can take sessions outside on the porch, from your smartphone in the living room, or the privacy of your walk-in closet. We can still use all the same tools and techniques as in the office, including mindfulness, IFS, and EMDR therapy,

For video counseling, I use a secure, HIPAA-approved telehealth platform. At your scheduled session time, you’ll simply click on the link emailed to you, where I’ll be waiting to support you, just like I would be in the office. You must be physically located in Texas for me to meet with you online. Questions? I’m happy to answer them during our free phone consultation. Just click the button at the top to schedule yours.


Learn tools to tame your anxiety and calm your mind in person or from the comfort of home. In the meantime, start here with my guided meditations tailored for anxiety:


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